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Friday, April 27, 2012

So You Wanna Hack Someone's Facebook?

This theory's a little bit of a longshot but it can work with a little bit of luck and a little bit of the smart touch. A report indicates that with Facebook's "Three Trusted Friends" password recovery system, user accounts are actually pretty easy to hack into without knowing any sort of special code. The first step is to create three fake Facebook accounts and friend your targeted victim. This is where the luck and brains come in. You need to make sure that your victim accepts these friend requests and therefore you need to make them look like actual people that they might know. After they've accepted all three friend requests, the easy part begins. On the account login page, click the "Forgot your password" tab. That will take you to a page asking for either your email, Facebook username, or your name and a friend's name. Getting these details of your victims account is no biggie at all.
Note the
Note the "No longer have access to these"

After this, you'll be taken to a page where you're asked to verify the account in question with a profile picture associated with the account (in this case, your victim's profile picture). A variety of ways to send a reset password will also be provided including the victim's phone number and email address. At the bottom of it all, there's an option that says, "Can't access these right now" which if you click on, takes you to the three trusted friends page. Here, you're given a list of the account holder's friends, and you choose the three friends you created. A reset password will be sent to those friends and you use that to hack into to your victim's account.

There are two flaws in this system, both of which are not too major. One, which is already mentioned, is the fact that your victim actually has to accept these friend requests. Two, when you choose the option of not having access to any of those email address, an email is sent to the victim saying that they have chosen to reset their password. They'll know that suspicious activity is going on with their account but they won't really be able to do anything since changing their password will not be effective. The most they can do is report back to Facebook that they haven't actually been trying to reset their account information.

Note: More than a how to hack someone's account, this is meant to be more of a warning. Be careful who you're accepting friend requests from and of course, respond to an email saying that you've requested to reset your password (when you haven't) immediately.

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Now download free anti-virus from Facebook’s new AV market

Facebook is known primarily for its social networking service, it’s apps and games and finally, its massive user base. Today, they start caring about your security and they’ve setup a market that offers free anti-virus solutions. The market, that’s now accessible here offers five free security solutions from five very popular vendors. The solutions being offered are - Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition, Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton AntiVirus, Trend Micro internet security for PCs and Macs, and McAfee Internet Security. The versions available to Facebook users offers security coverage for six months. Of course, you can’t go about downloading all of the five solutions that are up for offer - each account is limited to just one security solution. The solutions are completely free for use. There’s a major announcement detailing the reason for this collaboration. 
Facebook starts offering security solutions
Facebook starts offering security solutions

The announcement talks about the efforts made by Facebook to try and reduce malware on Facebook by implementing all kinds of defense mechanisms as well as manually shutting down pages, apps and accounts that are up to no good. The tieup with these companies will now enable Facebook to build a database of malicious web pages, so the whole of the 900 million+ Facebook users won’t be exposed to them. Facebook claims that this filter now scans trillions of web pages a day. The Facebook Security Blog is put in place to keep its users updated on security updates.

Of late, there’s a growing trend that shows lots of malware being written to target social networking services such as Facebook. The service is known to support apps and games within its service and simply clicking on a masked link is an easy way to get infected. It’s not uncommon to find the signs of malware attacks on your contacts' walls. Security agencies of late have updated their security solutions that scan local PCs, mobile phones and now even Facebook walls and content for any kind of malware. If you want more information on this recent anti-virus offering update from visit, check out their blog post

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Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time

YouTube has come to define the era of online video, so let's take a look at its most popular videos of all time. Our latest update has Justin Bieber still at number one with Baby, which was the first video to earn a half a billion views! Currently, Bieber and Eminem between them make half of the top ten. Also of note is a music video by Jennifer Lopez called On The Floor ft. Pitbull, which has risen to number two with 500 million views in less than a year.
We first did this list in August 2007, at which point Evolution of Dance by comedian Judson Laipply was number one with nearly 56 million views (it's now outside the top ten). The next update was September 2008, when Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend pop music video was number one with 103 million views. In January 2010, Charlie bit my finger - again ! was number one, with 148 million views. By the beginning of January 2011, Justin Bieber was at number one with over 400 million views for Baby.
Here is the top ten, as of March 2012:
1. Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris; 712,600,789 views
4. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance; 451,120,167 views
6. Charlie bit my finger - again !; 426,305,215 views
8. Eminem - Not Afraid; 321,474,885 views
10. Justin Bieber - One Time; 287,071,749 views

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Brief Guide To Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is no longer the underdog after coming in third behind Facebook and Twitter in Experian Hitwise’s ranking of top ten social networks. With more than 100 million visits for the month of May, Pinterest has become the talk of the blogosphere and for good reasons. The site is less than 3 years old, having just dropped anchor in the Web in late 2009. Today, the site is visited daily by more than 1 million visitors who can’t stop pinning their favourite photos and images that depict style, recipes, craft, children, pets, recipes etc.
marketing guide pinterest A Brief Guide to Pinterest Marketing
(Image source: marketoonist)
Pinterest is useful not only for personal usage, but also quite effective in business promotion. This visual-based social network drives a lot of referral traffic and is of a great value for marketers. Its members number in the millions despite being an invite only website (although getting in is not very hard) and the amount of unique visitors is increasing every day. So how do we tap into the potential market that is hiding inside Pinterest?

How Pinterest Works

Let’s look at the inner scheme of Pinterest. It’s a huge virtual pinboard that allows people to look through interesting stuff, pin them and and leave comments below what was pinned. But we have to look deeper to see the real significance of this technology. What is Pinterest famous for? The great selling point of Pinterest that wins people over are its cool and captivating pictures. We are visual creatures and we love to look at beautiful pictures of people, nature, food, scenery, etc. On Pinterest, we pin what we like to see, and other people pin what they like to see. The trick here is to let your visuals get pinned as often as possible.
pinterest marketing A Brief Guide to Pinterest Marketing
Every pin is a link to the source of the image, usually an external site – in this case, a link to your site. So every repin of the image can lead readers in a straight road back to your site. Talk about a crowd puller. Users who are searching for data may click on a nice-looking image, arrive at your website and may be converted from a simple passerby to the future customer and hopefully loyal fan. Moreover, if your pins are eye-catching and worthwhile, they may be repined by other pinners or even be embedded on your fans’ sites or blogs.

Making Pinterest Work For You

To gain confidence and loyalty you should neatly build your following on Pinterest. First of all, you have to create a good-looking account. It doesn’t matter if you activate the profile with your own name or with your company brand. But remember, people are more inclined to believe and follow individuals, not so much for companies, unless they are very popular and well-known brands.
pinterest profile A Brief Guide to Pinterest Marketing
You can tie your profile to the email which is used for your Twitter account, so you can quickly share pins in both social networks. To increase visibility, on your Profile picture, check ‘Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines’ and be sure that it’s ‘Off’. This will allow your page to be indexed in a search. Don’t forget to add the Pinterest social media button to your website, blog or portfolio and your Pinterest signature to your email These two tiny, but significant gestures will help you in promotion and to build your fan base.

How To Get Pinned

In preparing your images to be pinned, check out its quality and overall design. Always remember that Pinterest doesn’t sell your products or services, you sell them using Pinterest via their technology and their social platform. The real value ofPinterest is in its pictures and shots.Hence, the appearance of the images that can link back to you has to be pleasant to the eye and, where possible, remarkable. However, don’t expect that it’s easy to do, that is don’t think that you will win over the fans only by showcasing photos and adding new images of your products and brand. To receive lots of repins and shares you have to follow these simple but effective tips.

1. Creating Unique Boards

Create boards, organize them in a unique way so they stand out in a crowd of common names such as "cool stuff" or "things I like". If the name of your board is unique, people will be curious to know what is hidden behind that crazy, unusual or unexpected board names. Don’t just brand your digital boards. Pinterest fans will follow your boards more often if they feature original content. Establish a separate board with images that make your followers smile and laugh or some other kind of shots that raises their mood at once and make them return to your pins.
unique pinboards A Brief Guide to Pinterest Marketing

2. Quality Images

Pinterest is a picture-based website, so the quality of your images is a must! Use only extremely high quality shots, their size should be about 600 or 800 pixels wide and 1000 pixels deep. The quality of the photos, images or artworks is part of your marketing strategy so take your time to choose them well. It will be worth your effort in the end. Always keep an eye on the size of the images: if the size is too small, pinners can’t share it, but if users can easily find the same image in another blog or website at the right size or resolution, they’ll pin that one, and you will lose out on the traffic generated from that pin.

3. Make Your Images Share-Able

Don’t watermark your images. That makes it exclusive, a property of an organization, and as a result, people won’t pin your images. It’s better to not also put any marketing pitches in there, like the price of your services or products on pictures or your company logo. This may backfire, making your images unpinnable. On Pinterest, you let your product sell itself by its appearance. Keep everything else that reeks of corporate marketing out of the images. Pinterest is not a promotional website where you share your advertising, it’s a place where everyone is connected through the things and stuff viewers find interesting. At most, you can mark your image with a price tag and pin it under Gifts which is a category that caters to this kind of images marketing.
share pin A Brief Guide to Pinterest Marketing

4. Vamp Your QR Code

The Pinterest community loves cool images so if you can make a cool QR code that is worthy of being pinned around, the Pinners will spread the image carrying details to link back to your organization or to you. Make it beautiful with stylish designs so readers can take it for an artwork and repin it over and over again.
hongkiatcom qrcode A Brief Guide to Pinterest Marketing

5. Detailed Descriptions

If you want your images to be noticed, it would help to write detailed descriptions. With the right keywords people will find your images more quickly and you’ll have more chances to be noticed, ensuring more traffic to your website.

6. Reward Your Pinners

If your budget permits, give a prize to the pinner who gets more shares, likes and tweets of your discount. In such attractive way you’ll make people like your brand and to get to know you better.

7. Interact With Your Pinterest Friends

One original pin can bring you traffic for several weeks or more, compared to a tweet that on average works its charms for only one day. When you just start pinning, don’t begin your Pinterest existence with commercial messages, get involved with emotional, fun and eye-catching pins. By repinning viral stuff you’ll draw the attention and people will start following and liking you. The best tactic is to reciprocate and follow them back, repin their artworks, but add your personal message to the repinned image.


The whole Pinterest Universe is based on the content that people share. Despite the millions of images being pinned now, it’s not difficult to get your photos noticed and repinned. Just showcase things that might be interesting and the network’s simple system and user-friendly interface will help drive traffic and to your page. Remember, people on Pinterest like looking for creative things and enjoy the process of finding and discovering new images. Let’s take advantage of all this and make Pinterest work for your business. Happy Pinning!

Facebook for Android gets updated, new features added

The official Facebook application for Android has been upgraded to version 1.9 and this new update brings in a few new features. Firstly, there are a couple of performance related upgrades that have improved the feel of the user interface and have made it less laggy. It’s now smoother and faster. In case your phone hasn’t got the update option yet, you can manually go to the official Facebook application via the Google Play Store and click update. 

  • Here’s a brief list of the improvements in this version of Facebook for Android:
  • Improved performance and various bug fixes
  • More messaging features like creating group messages and adding friends to existing group conversations
  • Shortcuts to share photos and messages right from your home screen


We did the update last night itself and we got a new Facebook messenger icon that lets you chat with your Facebook. The camera itself loads up into a separate ‘Facebook camera’ app and not the default camera application. It lets you instantly post the photographs that you’ve clicked from your phone. What’s pretty cool about the interface is that it is pretty minimalistic and lets you instantly tag, upload and share your photos with location enabled (or disabled, based on your preference). Scrolling through the news feeds was feeling a lot smoother and quicker. Once the app got updated, it did take a while to load initially but once it did, things were pretty smooth. No force closes or freezes or crashes were visible so far, so it looks like a pretty stable update. The messenger application is pretty nifty as well and lets you chat with your Facebook buddies on the go. You can also differentiate between who is online and who is not. There’s been a major overhaul with the settings menu as well. However, if you’re not using the separate camera and messenger application then it might just add to the clutter in the number of icons on your menu. Anyway, we quite liked it because we do use the messenger app more than the main app in itself. 

Either way, it’s good to see that more and more features from their web version have started appearing on Android now.