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Friday, April 27, 2012

Now download free anti-virus from Facebook’s new AV market

Facebook is known primarily for its social networking service, it’s apps and games and finally, its massive user base. Today, they start caring about your security and they’ve setup a market that offers free anti-virus solutions. The market, that’s now accessible here offers five free security solutions from five very popular vendors. The solutions being offered are - Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition, Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton AntiVirus, Trend Micro internet security for PCs and Macs, and McAfee Internet Security. The versions available to Facebook users offers security coverage for six months. Of course, you can’t go about downloading all of the five solutions that are up for offer - each account is limited to just one security solution. The solutions are completely free for use. There’s a major announcement detailing the reason for this collaboration. 
Facebook starts offering security solutions
Facebook starts offering security solutions

The announcement talks about the efforts made by Facebook to try and reduce malware on Facebook by implementing all kinds of defense mechanisms as well as manually shutting down pages, apps and accounts that are up to no good. The tieup with these companies will now enable Facebook to build a database of malicious web pages, so the whole of the 900 million+ Facebook users won’t be exposed to them. Facebook claims that this filter now scans trillions of web pages a day. The Facebook Security Blog is put in place to keep its users updated on security updates.

Of late, there’s a growing trend that shows lots of malware being written to target social networking services such as Facebook. The service is known to support apps and games within its service and simply clicking on a masked link is an easy way to get infected. It’s not uncommon to find the signs of malware attacks on your contacts' walls. Security agencies of late have updated their security solutions that scan local PCs, mobile phones and now even Facebook walls and content for any kind of malware. If you want more information on this recent anti-virus offering update from visit, check out their blog post

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