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Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know

Pinterest has grabbed the attention of many social media marketers and has gathered millions of fans since its debut two years ago. With amazing tools, you can easily share any photos you found on the Web and socialize with anyone in the world through Pinterest. It makes sharing easier, and you can make friends with many more people who share your interest.
pinterest tools 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know
Initially just for image-sharing, u can even study your social activity and find out your score on Pinterest, so you’ll know how social you are using the simple web application, and how your social activity can potentially benefit you.
In this article we have compiled 7 useful tools you can use with your Pinterest from analyzing your pinterest activity to study your score and influence, pinning quotes, adding additional button as well as activity column on Pinterest page.

1. Pinpuff

Pinpuff is where you can calculate your Pinfluence, a measure of your popularity on Pinterest and it also provides the value of your every pin. To get started with your analytics on Pinpuff, go to the website and fill in your email and your Pinterest username, then click on the button ‘Calculate your Pinfluence’.
pinterest pinpuff calculate 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know
You will be redirected to your pinfluence page, where you will find your pinterest analytics.
pinterest pinpuff score page 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know
In the score page, you will be presented with your total score at the right hand sidebar next to your Pinterest profile image. You will also get to know an estimation of your pin valuation as well as cost per click. Apart from that, you will see your reach score based on your follower and activity score.
pinterest pinpuff score page 2 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know
There’s also a virility score, and you can also find out the total followers, pins, repins and likes of each board you created in Pinterest.

2. Pinreach

Similar to Pinpuff, Pinreach also provides you with analytics to study your influence on Pinterest except without the value estimation you can find in Pinpuff. It does however have othe features to offer.
To use Pinreach, visit the website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and fill up the registration form together with your Pinterest username.
pinterest pinreach 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know
When registration is completed, you will be redirected to your analytics page. There are four tabs available on Pinreach to study your Pinterest activity in details.


The first tab ‘Analytics’ is where you will be able to see your total pins, repins, likes, followers and more from the right sidebar, and you will also see graph of your score as well as activity changes since you last login to Pinreach.
pinterest pinreach score page 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know


Boards will show you the total number of pins, repins, followers and comments based on boards you created on Pinterest.
pinterest pinreach boards 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know


The Pins tab will show you a collection of your popular pins on pinterest.
pinterest pinreach pins 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know

Influential Followers

This tab will let you know who are among your followers has a strong influence on Pinterest. You can also click on their image to find out their Pinreach.
pinterest pinreach influential 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know

3. Pin A Quote

Pin A Quote allows you to post a quote to Pinterest. Although this is just a small part of what you can get from Pinstamatic, Pin A Quote makes it easy with their bookmarklet – you can simply post a quote by highlighting a text on any website much like how you Pin an image from a site.
To grab the bookmarklet, visit the Pin A Quote homepage, drag the button ‘Pin A Quote’ to your browser’s bookmark bar, and it is ready for use.
pinterest pinaquote 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know
To pin a quote to Pinterest, all you need to do is simply highlight any sentence or quote you found on any website, then click on the Pin A Quote bookmarklet. A form will appear, fill it up and post it to your Pinterest.
pinterest pinaquote form 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know

4. Pin Search

Pin Search is an extension for Chrome browser that will let you easily find more related photos and information of a photo you found on Pinterest.
To start using, head over to the Pin Search extension page on your Chrome browser and click ‘Add to Chrome’.
pinterest pinsearch 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know
Once added to Chrome, open the Pinterest website and you will see an additional ‘Search’ button at the bottom of the ‘Comment’ button, when you hover over any images on Pinterest.
pinterest pinsearch button 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know
Clicking on this ‘Search’ button will direct you to a Google’s search results page that is related to the image you selected.
pinterest pinsearch result 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know

5. Recent Activity Expander

Also an extension for Chrome, Recent Activity Expander will add an extra column on the left side of your Pinterest page, and list down all recent activity related to your account. It allows you to see who has followed and repinned your items since your last login.
pinterest recent 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know
To start using, head over to Recent Activity Expander‘s Chrome extension page and add it to your Chrome. Once added, open Pinterest website and you will see your Recent Activities in a column on the left.

6. Pinterest Right-Click

Pinterest Right-Click is an extension for your Firefox browser, it adds an additional right-click item to your right-click menu so you can pin any photos you found on the Internet.
To get this, open the Pinterest Right-Click extension page on your Firefox and install.
pinterest rightclick 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know
Now when installation is completed, you can search or browse any images from your Firefox, and when you find any photos you want to pin to Pinterest, right-click on the image and select ‘Pin image’.
pinterest rightclick save 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know
When you selected ‘Pin Image’, as usual a popup window will appear for you to fill up the details of the image, which board you want to post the image to etc. Once completed, select ‘Pin it’.
pinterest rightclick save option 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know

7. Pinterest Pro

Pinterest Pro is another Chrome extension that comes with 3 main features to enhance your Pinterest experience: ‘Pin to Pinterest’ accessible by the right-click menu, image zooming and ‘Popular Pin Dropdown’.
You can have these features on your Chrome browser by installing Pinterest Pro from the extension page. To pin a photo, just select ‘Pin to Pinterest’ by right click. A new tab will appear; fill up with the details of the image and it will be posted on your Pinterest board.
pinterest pro righclick 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know
When you browse a Pinterest page, you can enlarge every pinned image without having to click on that image. Simply hover over any image with your cursor and the image will be enlarged.
pinterest pro magnifier 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know
The third feature is the Popular Pin Down button you can find at the top-right corner of your browser. Click this button to check out the latest popular content on Pinterest without having to load the website.
pinterest pro popular 7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know


Now with these 7 tools, you can start to analyze your social activity on Pinterest and do more research on how to reach your audiences or grab more influence that would be beneficial for Internet marketing, be it for your personal online presence or for your company’s.


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