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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

140/2 Ultimate Twitter Tools and Applications

Since its birth, Twitterthe micro blogging platform has grown at the speed of light and kept a steady progression ever since then. The way Twitter has grown beyond the ordinary and become a phenomenon is awe-inspiring. Thus it is no surprise why today Twitter is being used by many new online services using the micro blogging platform as a backbone messaging system and why many companies, agencies and bloggers are using Twitter to promote their brand. Over these years lots of third-party cool applications have evolved that have been developed toenhance your Tweeting experience. Here is a list of 140/2 [Twitter-style ;) ] such apps. Yes, that makes it a list of 70 cool twitter applications that enable you to do awesome things on Twitter like, photo sharing, twitter client, feeding your blog to twitter, getting more followers, tracking URL’s and lot more…
Ultimate Third-Party Twitter Tools and Applications
  1. TwitPic Lets you share photos on Twitter
  2. TweetDeck Is an Adobe Air desktop application that is currently in public beta. It aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.
  3. Feed your blog to twitter,, HelloTxt or
  4. Twitterholic Twittastic robots scan the Twitter public timeline for new twits to tweet. A few times a day, we calculate individual statistics for each twittering twit in our database.
  5. TwitterCounter Get more followers: Add TwitterCounter to your site, blog or social network.
  6. Twhirl Is a desktop client for social software such as Twitter, Friendfeed,, or seesmic
  7. Twitturly Is a service for tracking what URLs people are talking about as they talk about them on Twitter.
  8. TwtPoll Enter your question, then share your poll on Twitter.
  9. Twittermail Update twitter via email
  10. Twitter Reply Receive your replies on your email
  11. OuTwit Update Twitter with your Microsoft Outlook
  12. Vtwitter Vtwitter allows Zimbra users to send messages (or sometimes called tweets) to their Twitter account directly from their Zimbra email.
  13. mail2twitter mail2twitter is a free service that allows you to post tweets through e-mail
  14. Retweetist New links that are being Retweeted the most. Only the freshest, only the most tweeted.
  15. Tweepler Organize tweeps. To follow or not to follow?
  16. Twitter Keys Brighten your tweets with little pictures
  17. Twi8r Translate shorthand text to English and the other way around for easy tweeting
  18. Phweet Phone + Tweet, talk to your twitter friends through this online phone
  19. Twitter Digest Read tweets digest-style
  20. Tweet2tweet Read the conversations between two people on twitter.
  21. Twalala Choose the tweets you wants to read. Mute people or mute topics that you don’t want to read
  22. Tweet Wheel Find out which of your friends know each other
  23. Twitter Karma Find out who is following and unfollowing you. Have a mass follow and unfollow tool.
  24. Twitter Snooze If you have noisy twitter friends, you can snooze them for a certain time so you won’t receive their tweets.
  25. My Tweeple Evaluate your followers through the number of dings (recommendations) they have from other Twitter users
  26. Tweet Later Schedule tweets, auto-follow and auto-welcome people
  27. Twittertise Schedule your tweets. Very useful when you are advertising.
  28. Tweet Ahead Schedule your tweets on Mac
  29. Twit Response Imagine Twitter + Autoresponder. Send tweets automatically.
  30. Less Friends Find out who unfollowed you using this tool
  31. Qwitter Receive the names of the people who unfollowed you via email.
  32. Does Follow Tells you if a certain follower is following a person or not
  33. Twitterless Receive a direct message when someone unfollows you
  34. Twitter100 Find out the latest 100 posts of your followers
  35. Twitterator Follow a list of people all at once
  36. Twitter Who Invite lots of people in one go
  37. Twitterlex See your last 30 tweets along with your friends. Use on Mac.
  38. Timer Set an alarm for things you have to do
  39. Retweet Me A reminder tool that sends a DM on your scheduled activities.
  40. Remember the Milk Manage tasks on Twitter as well as set notifications for yourself
  41. Twittercal Integrate your Google Calendar with Twitter
  42. My Chores Track your chores
  43. Lazy Tweet Find answers to your questions by posting “@lazyweb” or “@lazytweet”
  44. Toanswer Easily get answers to your questions by posting “@toask” and “@toanswer [question ID]“
  45. At Answer Me Another question tool
  46. Twitter Answers Another question site with a nice layout so you can easily get answers to your questions.
  47. Tweet Burner Track the links that you post on Twitter
  48. Twitter Grader find out your twitter grade. Computed based on how complete your profile is as well as the number and influence of your followers.
  49. Tweet Stats Graph your tweet activity
  50. Twinfluence Measure your Twitter influence through tweets, reach of followers as well as second-order followers
  51. Tweeple Twak Track your friend gains and declines
  52. Twit Graph Graph your tweeting activity
  53. Tweet 140 Track your direct message and tweet frequency
  54. Twitter Ratio Find out your friend to follower ratio.
  55. Twit Kit Integrate Twitter with your Firefox browser. This plugin can work on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also customize the look to fit your tastes.
  56. Twitterfox Find out the statuses of your friends on Twitter right on your Firefox browser
  57. Shareaholic Share webpages with your friends on Twitter. Can be integrated with your Firefox Browser
  58. Twitbin Receive and send tweets at the side of your Firefox browser
  59. Firefox Search Plugin Find out how you can post to Twitter right from your Firefox search bar
  60. Twitterbar Post to Twitter via the address bar
  61. Tweetbar A twitter sidebar for Firefox and Flock
  62. Twippera Twitter widget for Opera
  63. Power Twitter Twitter plugin for Firefox that have photo and video sharing capabilities.
  64. Yoono Firefox add-on that add different social networks to your browser
  65. Twitzer Firefox plugin that let you post more than 140 characters.
  66. Twitterlights Firefox addon that lets you Tweet any page you see.
  67. Twitterbook Post to twitter like Bookmarking
  68. Twitterline Displays your friend’s public timeline on your toolbar
  69. Maxthon This is a toolbar you can download so you can tweet via your browser
  70. Twitter Buzz See the most popular links on Twitter

Please do understand that this is NOT meant to be a complete list of ALL the Twitter applications out there. Hence help me complete my collection by pointing out applications I may have missed, by commenting below and I would be glad to add them to the list. Happy Tweeting!;)

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