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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Start Video Calling On Facebook Tips

Start Video Calling On Facebook

Facebook is launching various new features .You will be soon be able to  Start Video Calling On Facebook.Facebook’s video chat feature also supports multiple users video call Group Video Chat,it is  completely free if you chat with just only a friend.This will be great feature by facebook if you like to have video chat with your friends.

Call your friends right from Facebook

Just click the call button at the top of your friend’s profile or chat window
Video Calling On Facebook
facebook Video Calling

Steps to enable video chat on facebook
  1. go to and click this link
  2. Click on button get started
  3. You will now redirects to facebook video call plugin page
  4. after you downloaded facebook video chat plugin you will be able to start video chat with yours friends
  5. done
Many people said that they are viewing this
Video calling will be available soon .Please check back later.
I think facebook has stopped video chat currently but it will be available soon , check it again later.

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