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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Air Conditioned Bike Developed In Europe

The motorcycle is the preferred choice of transport for many Indians. It is cheaper than cars to buy, run and maintain. However the only complaint about bikes is that it cannot protect the riders from the rigours of nature. While the hot sun bakes motorists in summer, they have to contend with rains in the monsoon and chilly winds in the winter. Here is a solution that will keep you protected at all times – an air conditioned bike!

Peraves Monotracer, a Europe based bike manufacturer has developed a motorcycle with a cabin. This sports bike that has been designed for traveling in high speeds also has an air conditioner that keeps you cool in the sweltering heat of summer. However being cool comes at a rather high cost. Peraves Monotracer has priced its air conditioned bike at 52,500 Euros. Its the kind of money with which you can buy a luxury car.

The air conditioned bike gets all the features of a sports car and a superbike. The cabin is finished in carbon fibre. The bike is powered by a powerful air breathing engine that generates awesome amounts of power. Designed to run more on the German Autobahns, this air conditioned bike might not perform as well on our Indian roads.

With its staggering price tag, the air conditioned bike is unlikely to garner high sales. We should only wait for another company to build a more affordable bike that the one created by Peraves Monotracer.

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